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We thoroughly analyse our customers’ needs, often related to water quality issues or quality goals to be achieved.

Through a process that begins with an analysis of the water quality characteristics provided by the customer, we proceed with detailed preliminary investigations and targeted laboratory tests to understand better the specific needs and goals of our customers.

Based on the substances to be removed and the goals set, we develop customized treatment solutions for each client.


We deal with detailed design of water treatment systems.

We carry out technical site inspections and evaluate available space and possible sizes.

We use advanced software such as AutoCAD to create the process diagram (P&ID – Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), Creo for 3D plant design, and IMSDesign to simulate the treatment process and analyse the results.

Once the design phase is completed, we proceed with the realization and production of the plants directly at our facility.

Service & maintenance

We offer a wide range of services including systems’ start-up, telephone and operational after-sales service, as well as ordinary and extraordinary units’ maintenance.

We also provide equipment and spare parts, and offer digital tools and services to monitor and optimize system management remotely.


We also rent our water treatment equipment. 

This allows our customers to eliminate equipment maintenance and storage costs, giving them the opportunity to verify the products before deciding on a possible purchase.


We offer revamping services to upgrade and modernize existing water treatment systems

Revamping brings many benefits, such as increased productivity, improved safety for operators, and improvements in production quality and efficiency, holding down business costs.

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